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Shabbos Night Live
-Rabbi Butman - English
-Rabbi Butman - Hebrew
Jan 1, 2011 presents the popular Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman. Weekly story: A story from the Rebbe and how did Reb Nota of Malastichistzine "go" to the Tzemach Tzedek Bo: Why was blood the first plague in Egypt? Video


Give the Rebbe Chai in honor of the Rashbi

This year as well we are partaking and contributing to the Rebbe’s holy parades in honor of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochay in buying drinks and prizes for children of Israel who are participating in the parades in the sum of Cha”i which comes up to $180

Particiapting in the parade as well has a wnderful segulla for a blessing

The list of donors will be transferrd YI”H on the day of Lag Ba’Omer to the Rebbe and the Rashbi’s gravesite.

Call, Donate and be blessed

Or donate online

Jan 1, 2011

From the COLlive Inbox: A reader from Boro Park sent incriminating photos of a sanitation worker conveniently "learning" in shul instead of cleaning snow. Full Story


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Dec 31, 2010

Israeli 'kevutza' bochurim learning in the 770 Yeshiva in Brooklyn were tested Thursday on their studies for Smicha rabbinical ordination by Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yeruslavsky of Kiryat Malachi. More


Dec 31, 2010

The Kinus Hashluchos Banquet will be held on January 30 in the 69th Regiment Armory in Crown Heights "for the convenience of Shluchos and guests," organizers said. Full Story


Business Advice From Business Experts

Your chance to get the business advice you need for your new or growing business from three business experts!

CHYE presents:

“Think Tank Night”

An evening of business strategy

Tue May 5, 8pm at CHYE 510 Empire Blvd

Participants will meet individually with a panel of experts from the CHYE Mentor program to come up with solutions to their challenges

Space Is limited to 8 participants, Pre-reservation required

For more information and to reserve please email

Dec 31, 2010

$55,000 was won by soup kitchen "Eshel Ashkelon" in a web competition. Rabbi Mendel Lieberman asked to thank COLlive readers. Full Story


Dec 31, 2010

Do you recognize any of the children singing in this video? They were once kids in Crown Heights, and now they're Chabad emissaries spreading Yiddishkeit to Jews worldwide. Full Story


Dec 31, 2010

Over 20 children participated in a week-long winter camp in Ilford, UK led by head counselor Rivky Keselman. Full Story


Dec 31, 2010

If you are like most people, you’re probably of the mind that logic is above human biased. This is to say, that if there is anything in the world that is universally binding, it is logic.
Full Story


Dec 31, 2010

The Avner Institute presents a photo of the Lubavitcher Rebbe from Purim 1971 (5731), leaving 770 with visiting president of Israel, Zalman Shazar. Photo

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Dec 31, 2010

Chabad-Lubavitch followers around the world are marking today, the 24th of Teves, the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad Chassidism. Full Story


Dec 30, 2010

Voting for A Jewish Star singing competition opened today, with 144 contestants from around the world vying for a spot in the final performance. "It will bring a surge of new and fresh talent," says Mendy Werdyger, CEO of Aderet/Mostly Music.
Full Story


Dec 30, 2010

In honor of Chof Daled Teves, COLlive presents a lecture by world renowned teacher Rabbi YY Jacobson on the fundamentals of Chabad Chassidus and relates what happens when a Lubavitcher ends up in hell? Full Story, Video

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Dec 30, 2010

Russia Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar agreed on cooperation with Mufti Muhammad Rakhimov, head of the All-Russian Muslim Board. Full Story


Dec 30, 2010

The Mayanot Women's Program celebrated its third anniversary this week with a banquet for some 100 guests at the Mayanot Shul in Nachlaot, Jerusalem. Full Story

Dec 30, 2010

In Coral Springs, Florida, for a concert, reggae artist Matisyahu davened Mincha-Maariv at Chabad, where he was warmly greeted by Shliach Avraham Friedman and congregant, Alan Shomo Veingrad, the former NFL player. More

Dec 30, 2010

Mrs. Chana Sharfstein

'Beyond the Dollar Line,' a new book by Kehot Publication Society, details a life of hope amidst challenges, and lessons from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, by Chana Sharfstein of Crown Heights. Full Story

Dec 30, 2010

This year in honor of 24 Teves, in over 115 communities worldwide, Jews of all backgrounds will gather to watch a video of the Rebbe's farbrengen from JEM. Full Story

Dec 30, 2010

With close to 20 children in Camp Gan Israel's winter camp in Canada's capital city, Ottawa's Jewish children have created tremendous unity in the community. Full Story

Dec 30, 2010

The new Ami Magazine took an in-depth look at the Lubavitch library and manuscripts in Russia, how it got there, and why there was a need to have a United States court weigh in on seemingly a Russian issue. Full Story

Dec 30, 2010

The first Principal Leadership Program for women educators was launched by the Menachem Education Foundation this December. Full Story

Dec 30, 2010

Students at the Chabad Yeshiva in Morristown, NJ, have been participating in a large multi-faceted mivtza campaign to prepare for Yud Shevat. Full Story

Dec 30, 2010

For his entry in Tzivos Hashem's 'Power of Jewish Children' contest, Shimshy Gansburg penciled a magnificent portrait of the Rebbe shaking his lulov. Full Story

Dec 29, 2010

Hundreds from the Montreal Jewish community attended the levaya of Rabbi Volf Greenglass obm, the revered Mashpia who passed away today at the age of 94. Photos

Dec 29, 2010

From the COLlive Inbox: Before she sends her children back to school after the snow break, a Crown Heights mother has a few questions for the teacher. Full Story

Dec 29, 2010

A set of "Likkutei Sichos Parshiyos" Pocket Size Edition (46 volumes) is available thanks to an anonymous donor for only $99. Full Story

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Chabad Calendar
Shlomo Aaron Bronstein - Monsey New York to Chaya Mushka Palace - Monsey, New York at Lubavitch Yeshiva
As per the Horaah of the Rebbe that the direct way to bring Moshiach is to learn Inyonei Geulah U'Moshiach, please join us for a Shiur on Inyonei Geulah U'Moshiach via conference call with Rabbi Shlomo Majesky. Call 712-775-7031 Pin # 820-550-426# To listen to a recording of the Shiur dial 712-775-7029 and enter meeting ID 820-550-426# at via phone
Apr 28
FELDENKRAIS/ ABM Movement Classes. Tuesdays 9:15am. Space limited please reserve. 718-753-6541 at 1373 President St. side entrance
Apr 28
Rochie's Mommy & Me every Tue. 10:30am-12pm for babies & toddlers, Play time, Davening & circle, arts & crafts, in a warm and friendly environment. $5 per session $15 per month. 646-537-5644, 718-363-3448 at 538 Crown St., Bet. Albany & Kingston
Apr 28
chizuk with the chevra, NEW LOCATION! at 11:1-15-12:15 SHARP! come join our weekly farbrengen with Miriam Sherr and Applied Chassidus based on the weekly parsha at !906 eastern pkwy apt 1 (alb/troy)
Apr 28
Weekly Support Group for Caregivers. Special session this week. Chayim Aruchim will be sending a representative to speak at a gathering for Caregivers. @ Avreichei Torah Vadaas Shule, 1580 53rd Street (corner 16th Ave) in Boro Park 2 Flights up, in the Beis Medrash. Chayim Aruchim is a new division of Agudath Israel of America, with a 24-hour hotline to answer questions about end of life decisions, both Medical and Halachic. This gathering is for caregivers only, such as family members caring for a parent or spouse or other close relative with a long-term illness. For more information, please call Bluma Goodman, LMSW, 917-921-2600 at 1580 53rd Street (corner 16th Ave) in Boro Park
Apr 28
Krav Maga for Women! 6 week Course. at 1349 President st (between Kingston and Brooklyn ave) - Basement entrance
Apr 28
Celebrate spring and learn how to paint a beautiful scene on canvas with flowers and a perched bird with guest artist Estee Klein. This class is for all levels of experience, including those of you who have never even lifted a paintbrush! $40, call to reserve-3475339662. at The Art Cafe- 326 Troy Ave.
Apr 28
Challenges Facing a Beth Din in the 21st Century: The Agunah, all forms of Abuse, Justice in the Torah System HaRav HaDayan Moshe D. Gutnick answers these questions and more. Come along as Rav Gutnick helps us explore these topics in depth. at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva
Apr 28
L'Chaim: Yaisef Rosenfeld (Ben R' Shimon Aaron) - Crown Heights to Shari Junik (Bas R' Shamshi) - Crown Heights at Jewish Children's Museum
Apr 28
L'Chaim: Shmuli Biston - Parkland, FL to Sari Lurie - Montreal, Canada at Lubavitch Yeshiva
Apr 29
Join our refreshing new Mommy and Me format! Mothers can enjoy iced coffee and tea as we continue a series on educating our children with the 12 Pesukim. New toys and play structures coming each week! And of course, we will still daven, sing, dance, and sample delicious healthy snacks and juices. This week's Pasuk is Shema! Ages 0-2, $7-$15 per class at Levi Yitzchok Library 305 Kingston Ave
Apr 29
Tanya shiur for ladies and girls with Rabbi Kastel. Come and be inspired! at Basha Botnick's house
Apr 29
Rabbi Manis Friedman will be giving a class for women called "Let's Talk Intimacy" this Wednesday at 8:30pm! $10 suggested donation at Levi Yitzchok Library 305 Kingston Ave

Recent Simchas

Recent Classifieds
We are looking to start a Shacris Minyan at 770, for 7:00 AM. This Minyan will daven at the front of the Shull. Pleas join us.
- Mashgiach with Chemistry Knowledge
An established hechsher located in North America is looking to hire a full time mashgiach with experience in Food technology and chemistry kno | more...
- Shlichus Opportunity
Looking for a young couple for a Shlichus opportunity as Youth Directors serving children to age 13. This opportunity includes developing, dir | more...
- Great Shluchos Opportunity in Sunny Southern California
A warm and friendly Chabad House in sunny Southern California, near LA, is looking for 2 girls to join us next year on shlichus by teaching in | more...
Join a terrific staff team! We’ve been running a great CGI in Philadelphia for over 25 years. We know how to make summer fun for campers & s | more...
- Cashier job available
Restaurant in Crown Heights is looking for a cashier please call (718) 484-4817
(718) 484-4817
- Vote for Shleimus Haaretz
For the Love of Torah, the Jewish People, and the Love of the Land, Cast your ballot for Now through April 30, 2015, North Ame | more...
Looking for 3 or 4 bochurim to assist Chabad House in a beautiful resort area. Job entails running Minyanim, Laining, Mivtzoyim, selling Kosh | more...

Nichum Aveilim
-Mrs. Michla Levin,
Mrs. Frada Hurwitz
Mrs. Gita Matusof
are sitting shiva after the passing of their sister Kraina Devorah Hirschorn at 737 Eastern Pkwy. They will be getting up from Shiva on Sunday Morning.
-Simcha Adelstein is sitting Shiva until Erev Shabbos, April 24 at 1714 President St b/t Utica and Rochester. Shacharis: 7:30am.
-Mrs Devorah Wolosow and Mrs. Rivkah Baumgarten will be sitting shiva in NY on Tuesday after the passing of their mother Mrs. Chana Marozow of Montreal @ 1577 Union Street
-Rabbi Dovid Karnowsky of London England is sitting Shiva in Israel until erev shabbos after the passing of his father Rabbi Elchonon Karnowsky. He can be reached by phone on (011) 442070487803 or via email

Found: London Fog Men's Black Wool Jacket with double collar, size Medium. Has slight tear at inside lining. You may have taken the wrong jacket, mine has shortened sleeves. Probably lost either at Yeshiva Reines or Gelernter's Shul at least one month ago.

If you have my jacket, I can give you yours back. Thank you. 718-756-7352

Razor A2 kick scooter. Lost before pessach at the puppet show in Lubavitcher Yeshiva. If anyone has seen it or has any info please call 718 300 2006.
I left jewelry at wholesome bagel on Kingston. If found please email
I found an earring a while ago next to Razag hall. Gold and a pearl. If you think it might be yours, please contact and show me the one you still have for verification. 718-756-8684.
found blue yarmulke with colored trim Tuesday afternoon in front of main branch public library on Grand Army Plaza 718-869-1164

There was a bugaboo bee stroller left at Dr. Rosen's office on Eastern Parkway. If this stroller belongs to you, please contact the office at 718-735-6002, or come pick it up. The stroller will be donated in 2 weeks time if it is not claimed.
FOUND: SIDDUR (Tehillat Hashem) small blue with snapped cover with 770 stamped on cover
found at Gideon Putnam/ Vims Pesach program. call 917-331-5677.

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